Not all the weight we need to lose is in pounds…

Wellness in more than weight loss

The weight lost is in more than pounds

When living half a life is no longer an option – for me it was dying

20 years ago I was overweight, overwhelmed, and told I had a 50% chance of living 5 years. I wanted – needed – to live to see my toddler and newborn grow up. I created my own program when I couldn’t find the help I needed, lost 75 pounds total, got off insulin, and survived my pregnancy related congestive heart failure.

I am a medical doctor and certified hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience helping my patients get their life back. I use a whole-person approach by focussing on the three pillars of health, wellness, and weight loss : Biology, Psychology, and Lifestyle.

Every change starts with a new and often frightening step, but I’m here to make your journey easier with all my expertise, experience, and excitement at your disposal.

“Dr. Toomer is absolutely fabulous. She is not your typical “weight loss doctor”. She truly listens to you and works to find the root cause of your weight struggle. Then she gives you the tools to achieve lasting weight loss. I’m so appreciative of Dr. Toomer and her awesome service. I recommend her to ANYONE who is struggling with their weight. Thank you for your amazing work!” – Dr. Kereese G.

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