My Story

I am a Family Medicine and Community Health physician who founded Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers – telemedicine coaching and counseling that helps those who are overwhelmed like I was, feel well like I do now after losing 60 pounds and keeping it off for 20 years. (Before: Me at 27 years old; After: Me now at 54 years old)


I was a typically active child and never paid much attention to what I ate.  My eating habits carried over into adulthood – my activity level did not – and before I knew it I was overweight.  Then came the stress-eating-of-medical-school-and-residency weight gain, I-ate-like-my-husband marriage weight gain, I-show-love-through-food weight gain, I-had-two-children-in-three-years weight gain, and (let’s be honest) the I-really-like-cake weight gain – At 5 feet tall and 190+ pounds, diabetic, depressed, and arthritic – I was no longer just overweight, but obese. Then to add insult to injury, I developed pregnancy related congestive heart failure – I was 36 years-old with a newborn, a toddler, with a new job that I had to give up. I was sick, tired, depressed, feeling isolated, ignored, overwhelmed, and lost. I knew if I wanted to live to see my children graduate from pre-school let alone college, I had to do something to get well and I had to do it quickly.

But how does someone lose weight who loves food, uses food as her love language, and is medically unable to exercise? How does someone with no energy keep her marriage from falling apart, her children cared for, and have enough energy left over just to get by? I was overwhelmed and couldn’t find doctors who couldn’t help me, so I became that doctor and helped myself. Through trial and error, I discovered where small easy to maintain changes in my life and lifestyle had the greatest impact.  I lost 60+ pounds and have kept it off 20 years later – no insulin, no joint pain, able to move, breath, sleep, and have the energy I need to live a life I enjoy (through menopause, work and family stress, even the covid-19 pandemic). I figured it out on my own and now you don’t have to.

I decided to help others take advantage of all my years of medical experience and the knowledge of what I did for myself, but quickly realized that I couldn’t as a clinical physician; I become frustrated by the lack of time I could spend with my patients helping them overcome their own medical, mental, and weight issues. Telling someone WHAT to do is only helpful if taught HOW to do it, and that takes time. I finally left the hamster wheel of 15-minute-appointment-ill-care medical model to one I created; Coaching and counseling using a comprehensive-whole-person-well-care model for others’ with health (body), wellness (mind), and weight loss needs. I couldn’t find a doctor to give me the help I needed, so I became that doctor. The developed the best solution to helping those who are overwhelmed feel well; Privately one-on-one or in small groups with close guidance through unique the issues getting in the way of you feeling your best.

Is it easy? Not always. Is it hard? Not really. Can I hep you? If you let me.

P.S. I still eat cake and I just enjoyed my daughter just graduating from college!


Dr. C. H. Toomer

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