“Dr. Toomer is absolutely fabulous. She is not your typical “weight loss doctor”. She truly listens to you and works to find the root cause of your weight struggle. Then she gives you the tools to achieve lasting weight loss. I’m so appreciative of Dr. Toomer and her awesome service. I recommend her to ANYONE who is struggling with their weight. Thank you for your amazing work!” – Dr. Kereese G.

“[Dr. Toomer] is a wealth of knowledge, very down to earth and her approach is OUTSTANDING! She focuses on total body wellness not just weight loss. I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to connect with her!” – Kurt M. – Finance Executive

  • In 2001, after years of slowly gaining weight I was
    • obese
    • a diabetic on insulin
    • depressed
    • in congestive heart failure
    • and a new mom
  • I felt
    • overwhelmed
    • so tired I’d cry
    • so anxious I couldn’t sleep
    • helpless
    • so short of breath I got winded brushing my teeth
    • sick and tired of being sick and tired

I knew (and my doctors at the time confirmed) I had a 50% chance of living 5 years. I had babies! I wanted to see them grow up. I was desperate and knew I had to do something and quickly. I turned to my medical education – pathophysiology, nutrition, psychiatry, biochemistry – anything that gave me the information I needed to turn my situation around. I lost 60 pounds in under 6 months while unable to exercise, still eating food I enjoyed, and without weight loss medication. It’s been almost 20 years and I’ve kept the weight off ever since.

And Now?

  • I can breathe
  • I am active without risking heart damage 
  • The insulin is gone
  • I have energy to live the life I want
  • I fee like ME again
  • Most importantly, I’m here for my family

I am Dr. Catherine Harmon Toomer – a Family Medicine and Community Health Physician  who combined my medical expertise with the knowledge I’ve gained from my own journey, to create Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers – a tele-medicine coaching and counseling service that helps those who are overwhelmed like I was, feel well like I do now.

I wanted to help others take advantage of my years of medical experience and the knowledge I gained while helping myself; That small easy changes can result in huge improvement. While a clinician, I become frustrated by the lack of time I could spend with my patients helping them overcome medical, mental, and weight issues. Telling someone WHAT to do is only helpful if shown HOW to do it, and that takes a lot of one-on-one time. So I finally left the hamster-wheel.

The 15-minute-appointments-ill-care model simply didn’t work, so I created one that works well for my clients; Coaching and counseling using a whole-person-well-care model. I couldn’t find a doctor to give me the biopsychosocial (holistic) help I needed, so I became that doctor for myself and others. With guidance, education, and accountability we work through your specific and unique issues to create the life you want.

Is it hard? Not really — Is it easy? Not always — Can I help you? If you’re ready

“…Not everyone is the same, so what works for me may not work for you. Please seek a medical doctor who won’t push pills to “make” you lose weight. Your body can do it on it’s own! Grateful for Dr. Toomer and her willingness to listen…” – Melanie I.