MY COVID CHRONICLES: “I quickly gained the energy I had lost and lost the weight I had gained..”

Over the past few months, like many of you, I have been confronted with issues I’ve never encountered before; My father passed away the same weekend the country (and my office) shut down from covid – I shut down right along with it.

The stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation were overwhelming, so I turned to comfort foods and completely stopped paying attention to how I was eating or living and the pandemic pounds crept up and quickly. It was as if I was trying to gain back every one of the 60 pounds I had lost 20 years ago,

Thanks to you, I held myself accountable. I owed it to you and to myself to practice what I preach: I controlled my stress by creating a wellness routine that fit my new life and made an eating plan that fit my new normal.

I quickly gained the energy I had lost and lost the weight I had gained. Some days are still a struggle, but as long as there are more steps forward than back, I’m OK – and you will be too.

My office may still be closed, but I am still here to help anywhere you live:

🍽🍴FOOD DIARY/NUTRITION ANALYSIS with forms sent and received digitally to receive a new plan based on how you are eating now.

🏃🏼‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️RECHARGE/STRESS MANAGEMENT reassessment and remote counseling/coaching to improve your energy and improve how you are feeling.

👩🏽‍⚕️NEW AND OLD PRESCRIPTIONS can be filled electronically to (eligible) pharmacies, so there is no need to run out or suffer.

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